Kim Kardashian was met with some criticism when she suggested she’d lost weight thanks to a “flu diet”.

The reality beauty took to Twitter to celebrate her 6lb weight loss, but angered some fans in the process.

She posted on the site, saying: “The flu can be an amazing diet. So happy it came in time for the Met lol #6lbsdown”

But what was probably intended as a light-hearted tweet, upset a few people.

One person commented: “People die from the flu Kim, it’s not a diet”

Another wrote: “Really into this new fad diet kim k is talking about called “the flu””

“Hopefully i get the flu so i can lose weight like kim kardashian,” said another.

But others felt people were being too sensitive.

One person said: “Kim kardashian said the flu is a good diet, as a joke, because she lost weight from it, and people are crying. The world is so sensitive”

Another wrote: “omg… it was a joke!!! everyone knows it s not a diet!!!! lol it s just being sick! god we can t say anything anymore!!!” [sic]

 “flu got me like…”

“THE FLU IS NOT A DIET STOP!!!!” wrote one fan.

While another asked: “Girl why did u delete the iconic flu tweet?”

Source: Mirror