She’s no stranger to dimly-lit bedroom antics.

And on Thursday Kim Kardashian was certainly pushing the envelope when she appeared in a seductive, self-shot Snapchat video.

The 36-year-old reality television queen starts the clip in the now infamous ‘bambi’ pose, which consists of kneeling down and putting one’s torso on display.

She engages in some sultry undulations set to J. Holiday’s song Bed, which helped highlight her very ample assets.

While it’s not clear what the suit was made from, its shiny silver bits shimmered as she moved.

Her cleavage was made even more obvious thanks to the tiny proportions of the triangle top. 

Next she stands for the camera, which she herself is holding, and saunters toward the mirror before once again kneeling.

In a very surprising move, the fashion maven, who boasts over 98.5 million followers on Instagram, completely obscured her face with the camera’s flash.

It did appear as though the curvaceous star had her hair up for the impromptu shoot however. 

The video comes after a controversial day for the star, which saw her offend multitudes of people with her use of the image of the Virgin Mary.

She started off by angering fans by transforming herself into the Virgin Mary for a new Kimoji.

The reality star unveiled the image on her Kimoji Instagram page on Thursday and her fans wasted no time in expressing their displeasure at the new emoji which they called ‘disrespectful’.

Later, she appeared unfazed, though once again featured the Virgin Mary prominently, this time as an icon emblazoned on her black, sheer skintight dress. 

Source: Daily mail

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