This is the story of Malaysian-based Yoruba man aka “Uche” and also Calle by friends.
He is in critical condition in Cheras hospital in Malaysia. Malaysian police and Nigeria ambassador are now investigating the issues. WATCH VIDEO and read more  after cut…

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The news was shared on social media two days ago that was involved in illegal business of $25,000. According to source. read below…
“This happened at Cheras Mahkota, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia , His Name is Uche, Its About a $25k business . Some Igbo boys,cultist held him hostage . They acuse him of absconding with their funds”
 “do you know him? This is person is a frd of mine,and this pics here is for real even I was there to checked him at cheras hospital and this pics here is just when they started beating him, If u see him u will pity him all because money ,he’s a Yoruba but we calle
The guy that called his gang to kidnapped him has been calling since to know if the guy still is alive or not and Malaysia police and Nigeria ambassador are fully involved.This guy here is a very good Frd of mine and this pics here was taken when they started beating him, nobody will be able to look at him twice at hospital right now, and we are still praying for him and pple should pls help me pray for him because the money we are talking abt is not even with him but those wicked guys doesn’t want to understand… Thanks to prince Awala
“Mr! This guy never cheated on them,and he’s a very humble and trustworthy guy because he’s a good Frd of mine and those that did this evil has been calling and asking for forgiveness since yesterday but they won’t escape the punishment because lot police has been involved including Nigeria ambassador… So pls try to know the truth before making a comment
ofi1 to pay the money that is not in his pocket? This pics u r seen here was when they started beating him, u won’t be able to take a look at his present pics now in hospital
“thanks Sis! This is not even abt Igbo because it was a Yoruba guy that gave him the job and this guy here called uche is a good ft
“..bro! I’m a Yoruba and this guy here in this pics is also a Yoruba but we used to called him uche,it was a Yoruba that called igbo guy to kidnapped him”