Foto Spada - LaPresse 24-08-2015 Brescia (Italia) Sport Mario Balotelli a Brescia in attesa delle visite mediche di domani Nella foto : Mario Balotelli all' uscita di casa Photo Spada - Lapresse 24-08- 2015 Brescia (Italy) Sport Mario Balotelli come back to Italy In the pic: Mario BalotelliMario Balotelli. Photo: Spada – Lapresse

Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian posted photos of herself at the beach in a two-piece bikini that got people talking.

One of those people is Italian footballer, Mario Balotelli, and he was quite blunt with his view.

Balotelli’s post

Balotelli posted the photo in his Instagram Stories, going on to wonder how Kanye finds her attractive.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but do you think Balotelli’s way out of line or do you agree with him?