Just weeks after unflattering photos of Kim K’s famous backside surfaced, photos of Blac Chyna’s well-rounded backside has now surfaced too, and from photos, you can notice some abnormalities.

The mother of two, who welcomed her second child only five months ago flaunted her post-baby body while out on a yacht in Miami on Wednesday. Barely clad in a white thong one-piece swimsuit with a plunging neckline, the 28-year-old entrepreneur posed for photos while a man clicked away. 

As soon as Chyna’s photos made it to the public space, most of the comments focused on her butt and how abnormal it looks.One commenter, Worldpeas77, wrote: “The implant looks like a flying saucer landed inside her butt. Horrendous and deformed behind”

Another commenter, Zara1, said: “You only have to look at their backsides (Kims and Angela’s) to know they’re related. Is it wrong to wish they didn’t exist? I mean you can’t unsee what you have you seen and I feel the need to rinse my eyes out with soap. Filthy inside and out unfortunately.”