Producers of “Busted”, Nollywood’s latest movie on same-sex marriage, which is due for private screening at Oriental Hotel, Lagos, on May 21, Lisa Onu and her sister, Face Onu said, they are already under  attack for daring to produce the expository movie.

Face onu

Face Onu who disclosed this, while in a chat with HVP said, since they shot the movie, they have been receiving a lot of backlash from people for daring to venture into the den of lions.  According to her, the movie which starred the likes of Liz Benson, Kate Henshaw, IK Ogbonna, Paul Obazele  amongst other Nollywood stars is not one that is out to  promote lesbianism or gay. Rather, “The movie is sending a strong message to parents to pay attention to their wards.”

Face said, in as much as they tried to be careful not to ignite  negative responses, the story remains one that many movie producers avoid to explore in their movies.

Narrating how they came about the title of the movie, ‘Busted’, Face said, she suspected  that many Nigerians  do not know that government has signed the anti-gay bill into law, hence the need to educate them through the movie.”

She also narrated what it took them to cast the lead character, saying the actress who played the lead role never acted before now.

Face is optimistic that as an advocacy movie, “Busted” will  bring to the fore the evil  associated with the practice of same-sex-marriage which alien to African society.

The gripping movie reveals the intrigues of a gay couple’s love story. It tells the story of Queen Edwards, a girl born into a decent home where her father’s strict nature as well as her mother’s ignorance led her into the arms of a maid who lured her into lesbianism.

All grown up now and unknown to her parents, She (Queen) begins having affairs with several ladies and breaking their hearts in the process. She eventually meets and falls in love with Blessing, another beautiful young lady who willingly surrenders to the same lifestyle due to the peer pressure and for financial gains. The movie gets to a climax when the government signs the anti-gay bill into law. The lovers then ignore their biblical beliefs and what the society thinks of them and these challenges test their love for each other.