JAMES Lusted, the 3ft 7in dwarf, has continued to prove that disability is actually a thing of the mind when he beat his “normal” competitors to emerge the first the first pint-sized British councillor.

The 29-year-old hit the headlines last year when he took his own step-ladder to church to marry his 5ft 7 bride, Chloe.

James said on Saturday: “I will ensure that I listen to the residents, not just the younger or the older generation, but every generation from whatever background – everyone will have a voice.”

And he promised to bring “enthusiasm, energy and positivity” to his area.

“I believe that it’s time for someone a little younger to bring fresh ideas,” he said before the vote.

He added: “I think I’m the first dwarf on a county council ever and I will have a voice for people with disabilities as well, so it’s good. I’m looking forward to that.

The new politician is an actor who has performed in Christmas pantomines such as Snow White.

He took a stand against children being used as actors, instead of dwarfs like himself.

At the time he said: “Productions decided to cut dwarfs like myself out of pantomimes.

“It’s a real shame because kids are looking for magical moments such as when we come on stage.”

He was born with a rare genetic condition called diastrophic dysplasia – but has vowed not to let that stop him achieving success. Both of his parents are of average height, but his brother, Phil, is also a dwarf due to a rare gene that was carried down to them.

James has praised his parents for helping him to live as “normal” a life as possible.

He said: “Mum and dad have always worked very hard for us to live life as a ‘normal’ person would, such as being right by our sides when we’ve had major surgeries in hospital, ensuring we attended mainstream school, primary and secondary.

“They’ve always stood up and spoken up for us when needed, which I can’t thank them enough for.

“I don’t let my disability stop me.

He made the headlines when he married girlfriend Chloe with a stepladder

“I’ve always enjoyed playing sports and have competed many times over the years and have had success in badmington, football and in 2012, I was chosen to carry the Olympic torch through my home town.”

Today has seen labour experience drastic council losses across Britain in council elections. And Ukip have all but been wiped out – holding unto just one seat so far.