Yesterday Evening/Night,Davido was on live cam and I clicked on to see that over three thousand people had also clicked on to view him…..that breaks the record of any live cam by any Nigerian Celebrity!

To say that I was shocked would be saying it lightly………
You would think Davido is the most loved person in the world…I counted so many ”I love you’s” from Female and some male ID’s that I wondered ..Who are those who cuss him out on the Internet calling him names and all that?

Davido is one FINE young man,He is proud of himself,you need to watch him to know what I mean..Davido is every young woman’s dream man and that is Understandable because he looks hot and is Rich.

The Singer took it as a question and answer session and told his fans that his second daughter Hailey would arrive in the new week and he sounded so excited.
My conclusion is this..Forget what you read online,people love Davido,I kept smiling at everything he said and did,Its so hard not to like him with those

OH BTW,I saw some BV’s there showering him with love..LOL