On the night of Wednesday, October 4, 2017, Nigerian singer Dammy Krane took to twitter to rant against Trace TV for discrimination. In a series of tweets, Dammy Krane accused the broadcasting house of targeting him unfairly.

He also accused them of engaging in the industry practice of collecting payola, and directed his attack on the station’s Head of Programming, Nosa Omoregie.

“I just want my fans to know the person behind the reason they don’t see my videos on Trace TV, his name is Nosa Omoregie,” Dammy wrote.

“I’m really gonna be taking things seriously. I just got back, and he still didn’t play the videos. I just got back, and my management already sent in ‘Prayer’ video. I have been giving him all videos for two years and he has been ignoring them out of what is called natural hatred.

“There’s a man in Trace Nigeria, some sort of head there called Nosa Omoregie,” he concluded.

play Dammy Krane took to twitter to rant against Trace TV for discrimination. (Twitter/DammyKrane)


Dammy Krane, recently regained his freedom following his arrest in Miami, Florida on allegations of grand theft, credit card and identity fraud. He was signed to 2Baba‘s record label, Hypertek Records, until both parted ways in 2015.

Pulse reached out to Nosa Omoregie of Trace TV on the issue, who said he was surprised by Dammy Krane’s outburst on Twitter.

“We had a conversation last week about his ‘Prayer’ video, and he said he sent it in. I told him ‘no problem. I have not had any other conversation with him about it,” Nosa said.

Nosa Omoregie is who is also a lawyer, and Dammy Krane go way back. According to a source who asked to not to be named in this story, Dammy Krane and Nosa enjoy a personal relationship. Nosa represented Dammy Krane during his split from Hypertek Records in 2015, as his legal adviser.

A report by Punch investigated Dammy Krane’s exit from the label and published findings about the due to a breach of contract by the singer.

“They had issues with him over the way he was doing collaborations with other artistes. It was not part of the contract that he signed, so technically it is a breach of contract,” a source told Punch.

“They gave him several warnings which he did not adhere to, so they had no choice but to terminate the contract that they had with him. They did not make any noise about it because they did not want anything that would dent his image and that of the company.”

Dammy Krane’s ‘Prayer’ video was released on September 208, 2017. Directed by Ola Farounbi, the video begins on a definitive note by recreating the singer’s arrest and detention.

playDammy Krane in the private jet



Over a drum-heavy instrumentation and a lonesome saxophone that will remind you of Fela’s Egypt 80, Dammy Krane’s vocals and lyrics take a celebratory tone as he appreciates his victory over haters. His thanksgiving is punctuated with shots of him in a private jet and aerial footage of what appears to be an American city. Dammy Krane has expressed his regrets over his alleged run-in with the law and his desire to get back to making music.

“I don’t know why Dammy Krane went to Twitter. He is cool with Nosa, they are almost family. Something must have happened between them, but that closeness should mean that he can call Nosa and talk to him,” an artist manager told Pulse via telephone. He asked not to be named.

Dammy Krane would later delete the tweets and apologize to Nosa publicly on Twitter, saying: “Sometimes u expect more from family the smallest things pains the most,I apologize for coming out that way on Nosa , Video on Trace Nextweek.”

The singer recently headlined an edition of Industry Nite, his first concert in Lagos since his incarceration in the US.