Hamburgers, fries and cocaine were on the menu for some customers of the McDonald’s restaurant on Bruckner Boulevard in Soundview, police say.

The night manager Frank Guerrero, 26, allegedly sold drugs over the fast food counter. He’d been working at the fast food joint at 1600 Bruckner Blvd. for eight years.

Police say he hid cocaine in cookie bags and sold them to drug customers who he improperly allowed into the building after hours. During the night shift, only the drive-thru window is supposed to be open.

In a three-month investigation called “Operation Off the Menu,” police say an undercover officer bought cocaine eight times from Guerrero. The total value of the purchased drugs was almost $11,000, according to authorities.

The last and largest sale occurred on Sept. 22, police say. Guerrero allegedly sold about 100 grams of cocaine and crack for $6,500.