Do you still remember Olivia Okibe, who claimed that she learnt life’s lesson through the hard way, after her marriage to her Malayasia-based ex-husband, E-Money, who she allegedly never dated crashed? She’s on Facebook again ranting about dating cult members, and using them to seek protection against her enemies.

Here’s what she wrote in her notice to cult groups to settle her issue with her ex-husband. Here’s what she wrote;


Dear Zonal heads of all fraternities, guess you all are wonderful ?

All my life I ve dated 6-7 men and out of them all, only one was a Jew man.

Three were Axe men , one a bucania and the other a Viking
Infact the first man that has raised his hand on me , was my first Egede bf , I knew he did out of love and jealousy but I fought him back and thought him never to raise hand on a woman that it’s only a coward that does that.

The second man was Emoney himself

The third man is currently my boyfriend , so am actually dating an axe man right now bcos I need to be protected from every angle.

All the relationship I have had, it was only the egede men that has mistreated me even when they always claim to love most .

So, am tempted to ask ; what kind of orientation do they get when being blended?
African orientation to maltreat and marginalize women?

Only egede men maltreats women and feel it’s there right and you can’t say shit.All my life , I ve been bullied by people and I kept quite Bcos my mother always told me to leave our fight for God .

I ve aswel been a coward by fighting my own case rather I started fighting for others bcos I hate to see another suffer.

Where on earth, have I wronged Emoney ?
He dealt with me in every angle and I ran for my life, and he found it offensive and still pursued me. Why?

What really have I done to this young man?I have every evidence to nail Emoney down but I kept it a secret and wish to die with it.

He claims to be an ethical hacker and could not hack this particular Facebook .

If only am ur kid sister and you know why I ran from Emoney, u won’t only say thank u to me for running rather u will personally go and murder him .
But nooo, I decided to die with what I know about him.

Why will he say I aborted his pregnancy , while he is impotent ? 

He never touched me for one day, no matter how much I beg him.
Only on the day of my mensuration he will choose to sex me, why ?

All the months he spent in Nigeria , we only made love two times , on the first day of his arrival and the last day of his departure and those times he ensured I was on my monthly flow .

Help me ask Emoney, why he is blackmailing me?
What have I done to him?

I ran away from Emoney and he came to my skul a night before his departure with tears in his eyes asking me to accept him back ,he knelt down before my department and I couldn’t bear the shame I  had to raise him and tell him I ve forgiven him, we slept together @ amurri Nkanu and the following day I saw him off to the airport until his airplane left .

Just to justify my conscience but I knew dat my mind was made up already.
A day later, my mum asked me to check up on the idiot if he arrived Malaysia and I did then he insulted . Yet I didn’t pick offense

Check his wall from February 8 till date , all his captions were indirectly for me, I still choose to die with my secret.

Who on earth doesn’t know me and Emoney, I celebrated every two two days on my wall, I gave Emoney my password and email 

address of my other account just to show him my faithfulness and sincerity. And he used it against me.