Following viral report that Nigerian music star, Wizkid became the first African to sell out a show at the Royal Albert Hall in London, in an electrifying night with thousands of fans and fellow Nigerian artists Skepta and Tinie Tempah in attendance, it appears, however, that this information, may not have been completely true even though Royal Albert Hall sent out a tweet, sharing the historic news.

On Sunday, Twitter user, Mr. Aye Dee, pointed out that Wizkid is not actually the first African, or Nigerian artist forthat matter, to sell out the famous hall, perhaps just the first since many of his younger fans can remember. According to him, Sade sold-out the auditorium back in 1993.

On October 2,The Royal Albert Hall, sent out a tweet, stating that they “may have got that wrong,” and named Miriam Makeba as another sold-out solo African headliner.