Nigerian men might not be prized possessions here but in certain African countries, they are gold.

One of these countries is South Africa. On Wednesday, October 4, 2017, Pulse reported the story of an SA woman who says she wants to date a Nigerian man.

I’ve never dated a Nigerian man before. Always been scared of what people will say. But funny enough, I love them and would like to marry one” she said in her Facebook post.


This lady is like other South African women who want to be with Nigerian men. Now, this is sort of strange because the relationship between Nigeria and South Africa has been frosty, to say the least.

In recent years, xenophobic attacks in South Africa where Nigerians have been killed have led to diplomatic tension between both countries. Some South Africans feel Nigerians in their country are responsible for crime and drug use. While this situation is cool for now, who knows what might happen soon.

playStreet vendors from Pretoria demonstrated on March 9 against a wave of xenophobic attacks on migrants



Apart from xenophobia, after the end of apartheid in South Africa, the rainbow nation started to rise as a continental power. This was a period when Nigeria was still under military rule. When the world started showing love to Madiba and his people, it kind of took the shine of Nigeria as the proverbial giant of Africa.

A sort of fake rivalry between both nations started and we can best see it in football. In 1996, Nigeria failed to defend its title at the African Cup of Nations which held in South Africa. The tournament would eventually be won by SA. Some critics questioned their victory because the Super Eagles didn’t defend its title.

playWhen South Africa won the African Cup of Nations in 1996

(Goal )


This is sort of the brotherly-rivalry that has been going on between Nigeria and South Africa. With all this historical context, why would some South African women want men from the West African region and not their own men?

A question like this popped up on social media in December 2016. A South African man by the name of Gayton McKenzie. His Wikipedia has been described as him a “convicted criminal, businessman, motivational speaker, author and president of the Patriotic Alliance political party.

He said the reason why SA ladies like Naija boyz is because they know how to spend money on women and not overtly romantic.

Nigerian niggas ain’t got time for poems, they give your girl cash and a good time. Poems don’t buy Louboutins” he tweeted. He further said, “South African men should forget abt the scare tactic of lying abt drugs regarding Nigerians, our ladies discovered it’s a blanket lie.



This is not surprising. A lot of relationships in Nigeria are transactional. Simply put, you show a lady how much you love her by how much you spend on her. This is pretty much how a lot of relationships are.

It seems our Naija boys have taken this method to South Africa and it has been working.

A Nigerian in South Africa, Femi who is a music producer confirms this. “Nigerian guys spend money on them because apparently, their South African guys are not that…I have seen a case where you give a South African girls money that is not that much but she’s like so surprised and so happy. When these Nigerian guys ball out and spend so much money on them, and take them shopping…I mean they like us.”

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He jokingly adds that “they like our Pidgin English for some reason too.”

Trust our Naija boys to show up and show out in foreign countries. We know how to spend that money and make statements. If money is love then you bet that our Nigerian guys in South Africa are getting a lot of love.