Ivana Trump still won’t call Marla Maples by name decades after her affair with the Donald Trump ended his first marriage to the mother of his three oldest children.

The 68-year-old Czech Republic native made the revelation about Maples during an interview with CBS about her new book, ‘Raising Trump’.

‘I don’t talk about her. She’s a showgirl. Never achieve anything in her life,’ Trump said of Maples, who stared in The Will Rogers Follies on Broadway in 1991.

She then implied that Maples gets the blame for her marriage ending.

‘Well, she was flirting… and I think she was flirting and and she got away with it,’ Trump said. 

When asked if she blames Donald now for their marriage ending, Trump replied: ‘I’m not sure, because Donald would get 1,000 business cards in the pocket every night. He could choose any girl he wanted to have. 

‘So I’m not sure if she was. There could be another one, could be another one. I really don’t know.’

Though it does not seem like she will forgive the president’s second wife anytime soon, she does get along with his third, Melania Trump.

In explaining the difference between Maples and Melania Trump, Ivana said: ‘One is nobody. And the other one is First Lady