A popular zoo in China has been under fire after a skinny panda was said to be spotted there.

The male panda, believed to be 20-year-old Ding Ding, appeared so thin that people worried that the zoo had been starving it.Pictures of the panda were first posted onto Weibo.Daily Mail reports.

The post claimed that the pictures had been taken by a visitor to the zoo.
The Xi’an Qinling Wildlife Park is a popular zoo in the city and costs 100 yuan (£11) to enter the zoo.

In response to the controversy, Xi’an Qinling Wildlife Park confirmed the authenticity of the pictures to Beijing Youth Daily.

A spokesperson told a reporter from the paper that the panda got pulpitis at the end of September. 

This mean the pulp inside one of Ding Ding’s teeth became inflamed, leading to acute and intense pain.

The same spokesperson added that Ding Ding had not been able to eat properly for a few days, and that was why he appeared to be so skinny.