A Scottish man, Jamie Harron, is facing three years jail term in the United Arab Emirates, for putting his hand on a man’s hip.

The 27-year-old man appeared in court after being arrested for alleged public indecency and drinking alcohol at Rock Bottom Bar on July 15.

Harron who was in Dubai for two days on vacation went to buy a drink with a friend and were passing by a Jordanian man standing at the edge of the dance floor.

As they passed by him on the crowded floor, Jamie placed his right-hand side on the top of the man’s hip to stop them from bumping into each other and avoid spillage.

The Jordanian man got very upset and started shouting in Arabic which attracted the Police.

Metro reports that the Jordanian man alleged that Jamie and his friends were drunk and touched him inappropriately, adding that they should be deported.

The police asked Jamie to apologise which he did but the accuser was not mollified and demanded that the officers arrest him.

Campaign group Detained in Dubai said that, after his arrest, he was held for five days in al-Barsha prison and was then released on bail after having his passport confiscated.

Jamie’s Dad, Graham, said that the ordeal had left the family devasted.

He said. “We never dreamed we would have to face something like this.

“We can’t believe that this nightmare has gone on for three months. Jamie is a good boy.

“He has never been a problem and never in trouble.

“We are a very close family and it is killing us to think of him spending even three nights in jail, let alone three years.”