A brutal killer smiles and laughs as he leaves court after being convicted of the manslaughter of a four-year-old boy.

Little Tyrell Cobb was found unconscious and later died in hospital with bruises on his head and arms.

The youngster had been vomiting green slime and was covered in 76 bruises.His stepfather, Matthew Scown, has now been convicted of his manslaughter.

According to Daily Mirror chilling footage shows the moment the 34-year-old leaves court after avoiding a jail sentence when he admitted the manslaughter of little TyrellHe received a suspended sentenced after he had spent two years and eight months in jail.

Justice Martin Burns told the court Scown was “criminally negligent” in relation to Tyrell’s death because he did not get medical treatment for the child.

Scown did not cause little Tyrell’s injuries but failed to alert medical professionals, even though the youngster was vomiting green slime the night before his death.