We live in a very conservative society where topics such as sex, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV and other related subjects are hush-hush.

Not that many schools offer sex education out of fear that teens will experiment. Despite their silence on this, teen pregnancies and STDs are still common.  Several brands, organisations and individuals have established ways to communicate with young people about sex through seminars, pamphlets, documentaries and even TV series like MTV’s initiative “MTV Shuga“.

Ruth Nabembezi is a woman on a mission to educate teenagers and young adults all over the world and save lives with an app and online platform called ‘Ask Without Shame’.

playRuth Nabembezi  and her app ‘Ask Without Shame’

(Lioness of Africa)


Nabembezi’s application serves to the uniqueness of this present generation who are always on their mobile phones by providing them with information in the palms of their hands. Here are five things to know about the app:

1. The app provides answers to anonymous questions with regards to contraception, sex, pregnancy, STDs and other related issues. The identity of the user is not revealed.


2. The founder of app Nabembezi, a Ugandan citizen was inspired to create it following the death of her sister and her parents – who died of AIDs.

3. The app is available in the Google play store, Whatsapp and SMS. According to the app’s website, they have responded to over 80,000 questions of over 50,000 users.


4. The users of the app are not just limited to Africans.


5. ‘Ask Without Shame’ started in December 2015. It took a month to develop.

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