There are so many reasons why we adore Gumsu Fatima, one of the coolest silver spoon kids in her generation. One thing you can’t deny is her genuine humility and passion for humanity. Days back, the adorably cute late general’s daughter had reasons to celebrate. Fatima added another year in style and it was an occasion of class and luxury as the Abachas all came out to celebrate one of their own.

Gumsu Fatima Abacha

The high profile birthday dinner attracted Nigeria’s class of rich kids who turned up looking resplendently in honour of Fatima, who many have described as a kind personality. The matriarch of the Abacha dynasty, Hajia Maryam Abacha led the family’s delegation to Abuja and she was looking so ageless and quite at peace with herself. Trust the Abachas not to do things in half measure; Fatima’s birthday was another occasion for the former first family to make a statement. Expectedly, there were more than more to chew and exotic wines flowed like water.

The highlight of the dinner was the dancing skills of the celebrant who really grooved in company of her close friends and family to Olamide’s hit song, Wo. And without any hype, Fatima’s birthday dinner is one of the classiest party organized by any of the Abachas in recent times. And it was a delight to see the love and bond shared by this family at Fatima’s party. And she did a good supply as the celebrant stunned in her attire.