After five barren years of marriage, 29-years old Mrs. Veronica Isaac and her husband began a search for the fruit of the womb but got their pitiable situation compounded by a surgeon.

Today, Veronica who walked into NIQUAD Clinics, located on a hilly top at Orozo, in the Abuja Municipality with both her ovarian and fallopian tubes intact, has lost all after passing through the knife of a doctor.

That is not all. Long after the surgery, she has not been able to defecate as her small intestine has been negligently cut and tied up in several places, subjecting her to excruciating pains and discomfort. Before the said operation was carried out on her, the scan result from Everyday Scan Services Limited, Karu, dated July 31, 2017, showed that both her left and right ovaries were intact including the fallopian tube.

For the avoidance of doubts, the full result of the scan reads:

“The left ovary showed a thick-walled cystic structure containing some web-like strand. It measured 5.3cm x4.9cm. The right ovary is normal.

“The uterus is normal in size and anteverted. The cavity is empty,  normal endometrial thickness. No fibroid.

“Both adnexae are free, no mass seen. No fluid collection in the pouch of Douglas.

“The bladder is uniformly filled and showed normal outline. No stones or mass seen.

“Left Mucinous Ovarian Cyst. Suggest: HSG for further evaluation.”

A petition to the Dental and Medical Council of Nigeria by the husband of the woman claimed that after the surgery at the private clinic,  those vital conceptual organs have all disappeared.

Their claim is supported by a medical  report released on September 15, 2017, by the Maitama District Hospital, Abuja, where she has been taken for further medical attention.

The report with reference no FCTA/HHSS/HMB/MDH/GEN and signed by DR. K. Osinsanya, a Senior Consultant Surgeon said “her abdomen was distended with a midline scar (infraumbilica) extending to the level of the umbilicus.”

The full report reads:

“The above named patient was seen by our unit on August 13, 2017 on account of colicky abdominal pain and distension and inability to pass flatus/feaces following surgery in a private hospital. She was said to have had an Ovarian cystectomy and was subsequently been managed as a case of subacute intestinal obstruction from adhesions.

“On examination, she was ill looking, in pains, aferbile, anicteric, dehydrated abdomen was distended with a midline scar (infraumbilical) extending to the level of the umbilicus with sutures  intact.

“There was generalised tenderness with rebound bowel sounds were absent. Rectal examination showed scanty stool in the rectum. No mass was felt.

“A diagnosis of Acute intestinal obstruction post exploratory laparotomy was made. Plain abdominal X-ray showed multiple air fluid levels with dilation of bowels loops.

Patient was resuscitated and worked up for exploratomy. “Findings at surgery were;


* 4 L of facal peritoneal fluid

* Rent in the terminal ileum approximately 10cm from the ileo-caecal junction with involvement of the mesentery.

* multiple fibrinous adhesions involving loops of small bowel.

* Uterus was visualised both Ovarian and Fallopian tubes not seen.

“Patient had an ileal resection and anastomosis done. A post laparotomy was made.

“Patient was re-explored two weeks later on account of an enterocutaneous fistula findings at surgery were a frozen pelvis and leakage of intestinal content from small bowel. Patient had ileostomy  done.

“Patient is presently 16th day post re-exploration. She has commenced normal diet and ileostomy is functioning adequately.”

Now, the question on the lips of her distraught husband, Aondovihi Isaac and other family members to NIQUAD Clinics is the whereabouts of her ovaries and fallopian tubes.

This is a heart rending story of Mr. Isaac and his wife, Victoria, all residents of Karshi Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

“We have been married since 2012 till this moment, but have been without an issue (child),” the distraught husband told Daily Sun.

Led by his lawyer, Hameed Jimoh, Mr. Isaac, narrated the ordeals of his wife in a 73-paragraphs affidavit he deposed to before the Commissioner of oaths, FCT High Court, Abuja, pursuant to the requirements by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN).

He narrated how a Chief Medical Director (CMD) of a private hospital, Dr. Empson Nwarigon, whom they approached to find  solution on the issue of non- conception, has put the life of his wife in some unbearable health conditions.