Detectives attached to Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Lagos State, have arrested two suspected armed robbers who specialised in raping their female victims. The suspects, Gbolahan Adigun (19) and Tobi Michael (20), were arrested on September 18 at Alaba Rago market.

Police said the suspects, who were members of an eight-man gang, during operations usually kill their male victims but rape female victims. Two were arrested while the remaining six members of the gang were at large.

It was learnt that the suspects had been on the wanted list of the police before they were apprehended at their hideout. Adigun said he joined the robbery gang at Alaba market where he went to work to raise money for his tailoring ‘graduation’ and to also buy his sewing machine. He said: “I was working as a porter at Alaba.

It was there Azeez advised me to join his gang. He said the money I was making as a porter would not be enough for me. He said that I would make more money, because I needed money to establish myself.

That was why I joined their group. “Since I joined the gang, I have not used a gun. What I normally do is to scale the fence of our target house and open the gate for my colleagues to come in. We always collect phones, laptops, money and other items.

“We also raped our female victims sometime after robbing them and killed those who struggled with us. I have made about N150,000. I have not killed anybody. It was Tobi and Biggy that used to kill.”

Tobi on his own said, when they went to rob at Ayobo area, he did not have the intention to kill, but it was because the person they went to rob attacked him. That was why he shot him.

He said: “We were four that went for the operation, it was Adigun who scaled the fence of the house and opened the gate for us to enter the compound about 2a.m. Immediately we entered, we collected phones, money and laptops from the tenants in the house.“We were preparing to leave when one of the people we collected phones from came out of his apartment and attacked me with a machete. Out of annoyance, I brought out my gun and shot him twice in the chest.

We escaped to our base at Alaba.” Michael said that after operations, they always run to lodge in a hotel at Alaba. He said: “I bought the two guns from Awala for N15,000 each and the charm we used is for people to respect us and honour us.

I have made about N200,000 since I was introduced to robbery by Biggy. “I regret my action. I started from bag snatching at Alaba and selling the stolen phones and laptops to John at Alaba. I was arrested where I was drinking in the hotel.”