Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, popularly known as Wale, is a popular American producer and rapper with Nigerian roots. He was born on September 21, 1984 in Washington. The artist has achieved great heights in his career and has worked with big labels as Maybach Music Group, Atlantic, Allido Interscope and Warner Bros. His earnings from records, concerts and different projects have brought him so much riches. From this article, you will learn about Wale’s net worth and how he achieved success.

Wale’s path to success

Wale is Yoruba by birth and his ethnic roots are very important to him, he however does not talk about his religious views and rarely shares details of his personal life.

The early years of his life were quite modest; he was not born into a rich family that could provide him with all he needed to develop his creative abilities and had to achieve his success independently.

It is known that his father worked as a taxi driver and his mother as a nurse, he has a brother, and his family has lived in Washington since 1979, five years before Wale’s birth. Initially, their apartment had only one bedroom, until they moved to a bigger house.

Wale attended a secondary school in Gaithersburg, then studied at the university in Pittsburgh, as well as at Virginia State University and Bowie State University; sadly, this artist never completed his university education. He however went on to achieve great fame and success, making his story a perfect example of the fact that a diploma is not at all a guarantee of success and high income. Wale reached the top without a degree.

Wale had initially planned to become a football player, but later dropped the idea and pursued music instead. His first song ‘Rhyme of Century’ was released in 2006 and became a real hit; this drew the attention of reputable Media (such as MTV) who became very interested in his works. Several articles about his rising fame were also published by news agencies like The Source and The Washington Post, and in no time a local label offered him a profitable contract.

In 2008, his song “Ridin’ in That Black Joint” was used in the popular game called Saints Row 2 and in 2009 he bagged a $1.3m deal with Interscope Records. In his first studio album “Attention Deficit” included hit songs like “World Tour”, “Pretty Girls” and “Chillin”.

His 2nd album “Ambition” was tested release 2011, much to the delight of his fans. He then went on to release a 3rd album, “The Gifted”, in 2013 and another In 2015 called “The Album About Nothing”.

What is Wale net worth?

Wale earns roughly 3 million dollars per year; in 2013, he was the face of several Nike adverts. The talented musician is not just good at making music, but also at doubling his money. He has invested a good part of his funds in promising projects and is getting a good returns on them. Sponsorship deals bring him about $156.8 thousand annually.

Wale charges about $25,000 for shows and $700 – $2500 dollars to participate in concerts.

His album sales brought in the following amount:

  • The Gifted – $5 million;
  • Ferrari Boys – $3,75 million;
  • Self Made – $3,42 million;
  • Ambition – $3 million;
  • Others – $2 million.

In total, he has made $17million from album sales.

Let’s look at the history of his net worth by years:

  • 2011 – $608,99 thousand;
  • 2012 – $700 thousand;
  • 2013 – $1,467 million;
  • 2014 – $3 million;
  • 2015 – $5 million;
  • 2016 – $6 million;
  • 2017 – $7 million.

Wale has said severally that he tries to manage money intelligently and it is not his style to waste them thoughtlessly just to impress the public. He is inclined to have savings as life can be unpredictable, and the need for money can always arise in future; it is always better to be prudent and protect yourself.

Despite the rapper’s huge income, money was never the main goal of his activity. He loves expensive things but does not allow them control his life. He lives a simple life and works hard for the things he owns.

The first motif for moving along his career path was creativity, and only after much work did he start to earn a lot. Wale wanted to share his voice and thoughts with the world; he is constantly walking on a path to self-improvement, putting his best into new projects, and putting his whole soul into his favorite thing – music.

Let us wish him more success in the future and growing inspiration to come up with more awesome music

Source: Naij.com