A 50-year old retired Customs officer turned native doctor, Mr. Akin Babalola, has been convicted and handed two years imprisonment without an option of fine for defrauding a 72-year old woman, Mrs Dinah Grace over ‘love portion’.

The convict had alleged that the woman paid him N500,000 to prepare ‘love portion’ in order for her to win back her estranged husband after they had separated for some years.

However, the presiding Magistrate, Mrs. J.O.E Adeyemi found his claim spurious, declared him guilty of fraud and sentenced him accordingly.

The Osun State-born Babalola allegedly obtained N500,000 from Dinah Grace under the false pretence of preparing the love potion for her.

Instead of Babalola keeping his own part of the “love portion” bargain, he duped the septuagenarian. He claimed that he could not prepare such as it might cause the death of her estranged husband.

The convicted Babalola was then arrested two years ago and charged before Ejigbo Magistrates court for the alleged offence. He had pleaded not guilty and was granted bail.

The trial dragged on for over two years before the court gave the final judgment and found him guilty.

According to PM Express, during the trial, Dinah who was separated from her husband after many kids, denied that she asked Babalola to prepare ‘love portion’ for her as he had claimed and insisted that she was merely duped under false pretence.

On his part, Babalola said that he specialised in preparing love medicine and could solve other spiritual problems. Most of his clients were those who had broken homes and marriages which he reportedly used his spiritual powers to restore back.

However, trouble started after Dinah asked Babalola to refund her money since he did not fulfill their agreement but Babalola refused. He threatened to expose her if she asked for the money again.

She went to Igando Police Division and reported that Babalola defrauded her under false pretence.

Babalola was arrested and taken to the station where he told the police that he collected the money and did not continue with their initial agreement because it involved human life.

Since the case lasted for two years already, it is unclear if Babalola will spend even a day in prison.