For all the photo aficionados out there (Hello ladies!), there are some pretty cool filter apps out there you could use on your photos you may not be aware of.

While some may not be bothered about using filters, they have become a mainstay for the ‘grammers and Snapchatting community.

Here are five best filter apps  community of photo lovers have voted as some of the best ones out there to add a touch of pizzazz to your images on the go.

play Snapseed is popular among photo enthusiasts. (Fun Life Crisis)



A product of Google’s acquired Nik software, Snapseed’s AutoCorrect makes the work easy for you, but if you like to be in control, you are free to tweak and edit an entire photo or part of the photos using the ”Tune” image feature.

play Snapseed can be used to tweak or edit part or entirety of photos. (Malavida)

There is so much more you can do with this cool app available on Android and ios. Though it’s not a primary social tool, its product output can be used for sharing on social.


Retro Camera

Ever wondered what your a shot taken in this present day would look like if you could go back in time, to the days when it was the pin-hole camera being used, then retro camera has got you covered.


You would be getting that old school feeling on your photos with Retro!



play Camera plus is said to rival even Apple’s in-built camera apps. (


This app is being said to rival Apple’s built-in camera app. As with other apps, you can layer effects and filters on top of one another, edit your photo, rotate it, crop it, and make it just right before you share it with the world. Find it on iOS for $2.


Camera FX

play Lifehacker names it the best camera for Android. (


An android app with cool customisation features your photos you can add to your shots before saving them and sharing with friends. For just $3, the camera zoom fx is good to go. There is also an add-on pack if you are looking to be more adventurous. Lifehacker website regard it as the best camera app for Android.


Pixlr-O-matic :

play Pixlr-O-matic (Google Play)


Another pretty interesting app for the photo people, Pixlr-O-matic  offers hundreds of photo filters, borders, and other tweaks you can apply to your photos bringing out something uniquely appealing. It’s available on web, Android and iOS.