When we establish what our makeup routine is we tend to stick to the same kind of looks and colour shades. Brown eye shadow and pink lips in the day, a smokey eye and red lips at night.

Most times we play it safe because finding the perfect lipstick shade can prove to be a challenge. Thinking it might be time to switch things up? Here are a few shades for you should try today.

Fearless orange

playOrange lipstick

(Beauty RSVP)

This orange shade screams bold and ready.

Sensational purple

playPurple lips

(Black girl long hair)

Purple is a cool and can bring on a dramatic look. Best recommended with minimal make-up.

Brown sugar

playBrown lipstick


Chocolate brown lipstick is amazing especially on dark skin tones. This shade definitely gives off an edgy vibe.

Green with envy

playGreen lipstick

(Sherry’s Life)


Why not?

Baby pink

Sometimes matte lipstick is just the route to go. This nude pink matte is a chic option for every girl.