Come November 1, Star times Nigeria will be granting its existing and potential subscribers in Nigeria the access to pay per day for its offerings.

There is also the option of N300 a week subscription.

The Chinese owned company has listened to Nigerians clamoring for a pay as you go model. This move obviously is also coming at a time when TSTV triggered the possibilities of having such flexibility with how consumers can subscribe to get Pay-TV content.

playJustin Zhang, StarTimes CEO



Funny enough, Startimes has been offering this pay-as-you-go model in Uganda and Zambia, and have been reportedly test running it in Southwest Nigeria for over eight months before this announcement.

Kwese TV which recently launched in Lagos are also offering the pay as you watch model with 3days, 7days and 1 month subscription while Startimes and TSTV  are offering pay-as-you-watch model per day for as low as N60 and N200 respectively.

These are really interesting times for the Pay-TV industry in Nigeria

See their tweets below:


This particular tweet is sure to get some young Nigerian bachelors grinning with excitement.



This is looking like a battle to the finish for the Pay-TV operators but in the end, Nigerians should be smiling home getting spoilt for choice.