For injuring her child, a lady allegedly burnt her adopted brother’s hand with a hot iron.

According to ‎Munachimso Ukachi Okorie who shared the story on Facebook‎, the adopted boy mistakenly injured the woman’s son with hot iron while pressing his school uniform on Sunday, 22nd October.

The mother then burnt the young boy back with the hot iron, thereby injuring him in the process.

Munachimso Ukachi Okorie‎ wrote;

“Please I need people to weigh in on this, the boy on the left is living with his big sister who is married although she adopted him for her mother because she didn’t bear any son.

On Sunday 22nd of October, the brother who also dubs as a help was ironing his school uniform and his big sisters son came there, out of play he hurt the sisters son with the hot iron. And after beating him up mercilessly, she used the iron and hurt her own little brother..

And the husband told the boy he is lucky he wasn’t around he would have done worst. Please is this inhumanity still supposed to be  

found among humans. Even if the child did this intentionally, was it worth her reacting like this.. Believe there are more ways to discipline a child or correct them…”