A Nigerian lady, Chizoba Miracle Emenaha, seems to have gotten herself into trouble after her upcoming actress friend she connected to a movie director got robbed by him.

Now asking fro help to track down the alleged thief, She wrote;

Today has been a hectic day..
I’ve been running upandan because of one useless thief liadat…

So a guy contacted me On here told me he’s a movie producer and needs upcoming actors to feature in his movie..
I told him I’m not an actress and I’m not interested..
This guy insisted and wouldn’t let me be,

I said okay let me connect him with an upcoming actress I know maybe she can help him..

Finally the girl met the guy today somewhere in Cokal Asaba
How this guy made away with the girl’s phone is what I don’t understand..

The girl contacted me immediately
I rushed to his Facebook grabbed his picture before he could deactivate

Luckily for us again there was a number at the back of the script he left with the girl,
We contacted the number
Told him what just happened sent him the thief’s picture..
The guy agreed knowing the guy  very well,said same thief has swindled his younger brother’s phone,

Said the thief’s street name is jango..
That it was one soldier that helped them recover the phone from the guy..
Said we should give him money to give to the soldier guy to buy fuel so he could come from Enugu to track the guy….
I told him we can’t give anybody we don’t know money until we meet them..
The guy said we should fuck off..

I checked his own number in true caller saw his name went on Facebook and found him
Emmanuel Tochi
I have his pictures two
This guy knows the thief even