According to a Twitter user, Adewumi Fabaredo, an ailing father of two, Rease Ogundipe Sedenu, left his house at around 8pm on Wednesday to get bottle water for his medication.
He was reportedly picked up by SARS and for days!
When he was going to buy the water, he locked up his daughters aged, 8 and 6 at home with the notion that he would be back in the next 4 minutes, but when he was picked by SARS, his daughter who were still waiting for daddy were allegedly locked indoors for 4 days until, the elder one forced the door open, looking all starved.
Family and friends launched a search for him when he didn’t return and he was found in Ikoyi prison where he has been remanded for three weeks on the orders of a magistrate court in Gbagada and the case adjourned.
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