The management of Osun State University has shifted her rain semester resumption date from 30th of April to 21st of May, this has created a lot of mixed feelings amongst students of the institution. While some of the students are of the opinion that the shifted resumption date is good for them, others feel, it is a wrong move.

“Opeeee oooo” This was the indication of a student on the whatsapp group, she further added the dancing smileys  to show how happy she was the resumption date being shifted to May 21.
However, another student on the WhatsApp group was also happy about the shifted rain semester resumption date as she commented on the post and said “Thank You to the Dean Students Affairs”.
Some are celebrating, others are complaining,  a student who found it so easy to talk to our baydorzblogng correspondent complained bitterly, “This is unfair oo, UniOsun, after using 5months for Harmattan semester, You are giving us another three weeks as semester break. Kilode. I just hope that Rain Semester will not be 2 months”

Another students made her complain known with the comment? “Haaaa……..Kiloodee”.
Despite the mixed feelings among some sets of students, others saw it as a means of predicting the future of the state. “We must finish exam before elections hold ooo, that is what concerns me here.” This was the reaction of a student to the news.
“Well to me, I think the school are also looking at the possibility of the future, with this, possibly, Exams is likely to hold after Election”.
The Dean Students’ Affairs, Dr. Adigun confirmed the news of shifted resumption date with a post trending on various WhatsApp group.
Reporting: Uthman Adigun LENIN for Baydorzblogng