Indigent children almost at every corner of every street. Some are begging for alms, while some are searching the trash cans for anything edible. 

Their mothers can’t help themselves neither can they help their children. There is nothing to feed on. No food to eat, no water to drink. These children are suffering from malnutrition. They look so lean, exhausted and unkempt.

Everyday, as I walk past my street, I see indigent children at different places. But there’s this particular boy that I always see sitting at a particular corner of a street. I didn’t know anything about him, but I sure know he is always sitted there, at least whenever I walk past. 

I made it a point of duty to check if I will see him any day I walk past. I couldn’t help but get curious. He looked abandoned. I had to ask the neighbours around who he really was. The only information I could get was his name, Omotayo James.
James looks like a boy of 5. He looks very lean and malnourished. He is a replica of the word ‘dirty’. I chose to get answers to the questions that always went through my head. The next day, as I was walking past, I beckoned on James. At first, he was reluctant. I urged him to come over before he courageously walked towards me. “Who are you? Why are you always out here in the street?” I asked him. “I have no home. I’m an orphan. I move from street to street to beg for alms and sometimes, I check the trash bins to see if there are leftovers I can eat. That corner is where I know as home and that is where I lay to sleep.” James replied.
I couldn’t control the incessant tears that flowed from my eyes as he narrated his ordeal. James was really suffering, I thought to myself. As young as he is, he is going through such hardship and frustration. 

Does he not have relatives that can cater for him? There and then, I made a decision. I assured him of helping him and I made my intentions known to him and he accepted them. Before I left, I gave him some money to buy some food to eat and asked him not to wander afar off so that I will easily find him when I return. He gratefully took the money and ran off to get food for himself .
When I got back, I met him at his usual spot and took him along with me. I took him in and became his guardian. I provided him with his needs. I gave him food, cloth and shelter. I registered him in school too. James is living a better life, looking healthy and happy now. James is one cute, smart boy I know and we get along with each other very well. “I’m thankful I met you ma”, James said, smiling.
It’s important we never overlook needs we can meet in people’s lives. Indeed, every child is your child. You never know who it is you are helping today. That child you can decide to help in any way you can may in turn, be tomorrow’s President. Never be reluctant to give because there’s always a blessing attached to it. 
This story is dedicated to every indigent child out there in the streets. 
Written by: Akubueze Chiamaka Oliver for baydorzblogng