When I was much younger,  I used to hear that ‘Opportunity Comes But Once’. At that stage of my ignorance, it made so much sense to me that any opportunity I lost, was gone forever. No other chances of it recurring. As I kept growing,  I would have some opportunities thrown to my face, but due to certain circumstances, I will miss out on them and afterwards, I will literally cry and hurt myself so bad because such an opportunity won’t come my way again, or so I thought. 

When I’d grown a lot older,  one day in church,  during a meeting, my cell leader was admonishing us on the right things to do as Christians. All of a sudden,  I heard her say ‘Opportunity Is Lost by Neglect’. I was totally distracted and was like “opportunity is lost by neglect?”

It then occurred to me that I had been working with the wrong mentality all these years. 
Life throws so many opportunities our ways;  not once, twice, thrice but often. Opportunity doesn’t come once. It keeps coming but it is lost by negligence. When opportunity comes,  some people may decide to grab it immediately,  some may decide to delay before grabbing it, while some will end up losing out on it entirely. 
My question to you reading this is, “What do you do with opportunities that come your way?” Delay like they say, is not denial but a stitch in time saves nine.  

A million people may be legible for a position but at the end, just one person gets it.  Seize opportunities while you can. Self development comes in different forms;  be success conscious. 
It is important to note that opportunities in this context are positive opportunities;  opportunities that are to your benefit. 
Reported by; Akubueze Chiamaka Oliver for baydorzblogng