The sports directors of all faculties met with the school sports council on Wednesday 16th May, and issues concerning the annual inter faculty sports festival were discussed. 

It was resolved that there will be four groups in all, consisting of 14 teams; groups A and D have 3 teams each while group B and C have 4 teams each.
See the full schedule of matches  below:
Group A

1. Faculty of Environmental Design and Management

2. Faculty of Law

3. Post Graduate College
Group B

1. Faculty of Administration

2. Faculty of Social Sciences

3. Faculty of Art

4. Faculty of Basical Medicine
Group C

1. Faculty of Technology

2. Faculty of Agriculture

3. Faculty of Dentistry

4. Faculty of Clinical Science.
Group D

1. Faculty of Sciences

2. Faculty of Pharmacy

3. Faculty of Education
Reported by; Isabel Adeniran for baydorzblogng