I know some people must think having a carry over is the end of the world, but that is not truth. Students with carryovers can become professionals.
Carryovers in the university system in some cases is normal; it basically means a student has an unfinished business. A student can only carry over a course when he or she scores 39 downward in both C.A and exam (over 100).
Carryovers does not necessarily mean how intelligent or not intelligent a student is, rather it’s a reflection of how unserious, not smart, uninterested a student is towards a course(s).
I have seen highly intelligent students have numerous carry overs and relatively dull students pass through without carry overs.

Such is life, that’s why a coin is two sided. Carry over can also be a result of unfortunate and unlucky incidents, such as lecturer’s victimization, missing scripts, spiritual circumstances, lecturer’s having a grudge towards a student, lecturer’s attitude towards marking your script, student’s handwriting or even health issues.
I was once a victim of an unlucky situation. I was very ill and was out of school for medication when an assignment worth 20 marks was submitted. After I got better and resumed school, I immediately went straight to the lecturer to submit mine.

Unfortunately for me, the lecturer in charge of the course was very strict and sent me out of his office. I thought to myself,” I still have 80 marks to fight for so why panic”.
This same lecturer is the type that comes to class occasionally, but gave us a material to read ahead of his exam. After waiting for him every Wednesday evening, one day I decided I wasn’t going to wait in class for him, he showed up in class and seeing how scanty the class was he decided to conduct test with the very little number of students in class.
The test was for 20 marks and I missed it, making it 40 marks missed already which ruled me out of contention to score an A. Words can’t describe how devastated I was during this period, my worst fear of carrying over a course. I had to work for 60 marks in the exam, which I thought was impossible to get everything in the exams. After checking my result, I got 39 in the exams, so carried the course over. I later retook the course and had an A.
I also know the story of a female student who had 12 carryovers, just imagine 12 carryovers and to everyone’s surprise she graduated with a 1st class. Nothing is impossible.
How to avoid carryovers; serious studying, don’t skip lectures, never joke with your Continuous Assessment C.A, treat all courses equally, stop excessive partying, don’t overstress yourself during exams, finally and must importantly know your God.
Don’t Lose HOPE!
Reported by; Appah Timiebi for baydorzblogng