Let go and let God, let God and let go, sometimes in life we go through difficult, heartbreaking, disappointingly depressing experiences that you cannot but ask why me?

That moment you expected so much from someone and you got little or nothing in return, that moment you lost a loved one, that moment you trusted someone even more than yourself but you were left biting your fingers. You invested in a business and instead of increase you are in debt.
Oh life is unfair, did you really deserve that? You need an answer, you get lost in the pool of your thoughts, what could have been, whatelse could I have done better.
At One point or the other in our journey through life, we are bound to deal with disappointments. Infact, the more the disappoints the more you realise you need God, be prepared. Friends will fail you, business will fail you, family will fail you, high expectations will stab you at the back but the question is, HOW ARE YOU DEALING WITH IT?
It is not a question of how many scars you have but a question of have you allowed the scars to disfigure you or you are carrying on even with the scars.
Many are stagnant today, are nursing so much bitterness, unforgiveness in their heart because they wouldn’t let go of a disappointed, they are in the present but living in the past, holding on to something that is long gone. Playing the blame game wouldn’t take you anywhere! Infact, it would take you farther than further. Yesterday is gone, you have today and tomorrow, why not make it count? Would you forfeit brighter days ahead for dark past?
Why not forgive? Why no let go? Why not carry that burden off your heart? Why not trust God? The only one who cannot fail you, who will stand right beside you through it all, He didn’t say you wouldn’t pass through the difficult times, but he promised through it all He will be with you, He has promised you victory, He has promised you will pursue, overtake and recover all, the years the locust and cankerworm have eaten, just like Job you will recover all, your dry bones shall live again, but you need to let go, my friend let go.
I will be very sincere, one of the most difficult things anyone can do is to forgive someone who is not even apologetic or didn’t even apologise to you, but for your own good and not theirs you just need to let go.
Your generation is waiting you, so many destinies are attached to your grace, God has a purpose for your life, you aren’t a mistake, you aren’t a failure. As you read this with that tiny voice in your heart, declare this boldly “I LET GO OF THE PAST, I LET GOD NOW”, please mean every word you just declared and you will recover all, the past is gone forever, but the present and future is in your hands if you let God, Let him today! Let go and be free like a bird.
Written by Baydorz
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